Freedom Fellowship

Matthew 25:35

 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.

Freedom Fellowship, McLaughin, SD, has specific needs for preparing and cooking hot food on Sundays for children who attend worship service and church school. For some children, it is the only hot meal they will have eaten since Friday. 

Sunday Morning Breakfasts

Charity disciples have been traveling on Sunday mornings to Freedom Fellowship and serving a hot breakfast to small groups of people at the Freedom Fellowship facility.  If you would like to volunteer for this local outreach ministry, please contact the church office 258-1228 or Duane Bentz.

The Schmeichels

Few of us can really appreciate what our missionaries Harvey and Patty Schmeichel really do. Think about this. It’s a bit uncomfortable to leave home and go on a “mission trip.” Maybe the food is different or the language is unknown. Even more out of the proverbial comfort zone doing consistent ministry in a challenging setting, like Dr. Marlin’s twice-weekly Bible studies at the jail. More difficult still is to be like the Krafts in Bolivia, who leave home and loved ones for years at a time so that they can bring the Good News of Jesus to another culture.

However, the Schmeichels actually live out the incarnation – they live 24/365 in the heart of their ministry at McLaughlin, SD. This isn’t an easy or safe place to live! Crime, drug, alcohol use and family dysfunction have all increased in recent years.

Harvey has spent most of his life there, and Patty, Tricia and Landen all team together to bring the Good News there. They minister to the whole person at Freedom Fellowship, meeting people’s deep spiritual needs as well as providing clothing, food and counseling to all who seek.

Charity has partnered with the Schmeichels for years, with many teams of our folks going down to help build the church there, and to do repairs as needed. Under Kris Morrissette’s leadership, teams now go down each second and fourth Sunday of the month. They bring supplies, cook brunch for the children who come to Sunday School, help with the classes and provide encouragement and friendship for the Schmeichels. So – join the team!You don’t have to drive, since we go down in a van. You don’t have to lead, since there is always a seasoned leader. You can be a missionary helper...even if only for a day!  

Harvey and Patti Schmeichels show us a type of ministry that is rare. Why? Because instead of going to a place in need and just staying for a day, a week or even a few years, they live and work in the community they serve. The Schmeichels, including Tricia and Landen, their children, live in McLaughlin, SD, about 90 minutes south of Bismarck. A weekday businessman, Harvey pastors an interdenominational congregation and is “on call” for all sorts of people in need in the community. On Sundays, he is the pastor, bringing a message of hope in Jesus. Patti serves a meal to the hungry kids before Sunday School (10 a.m. Bismarck time.) Mid-week, there are Bible studies and a Wednesday night outreach to the youth. They also provide a food pantry and a clothing ministry (always needed are tot-, kid- and teen-sized socks and underwear; new items are a treat!)  As you might guess, they need a lot of prayer in this overwhelming situation. They also would appreciate any volunteer help. Would you be willing to travel down on a Sunday morning with a roaster oven full of hot dish or other food? You will be blessed as you work alongside this dedicated family!


Address: PO Box 362, McLaughlin, SD 57642

How you can help in other ways

Commercial serving-size canned goods (in case lot quantities) can be purchased at GFG Foods, Bismarck, or at quantity-size canned goods shelves at local supermarkets. Purchasing in bulk quantities helps stock the shelves. Thank you for your kindness and prayers.


  • Tomato
  • Chicken noodle
  • Cream of chicken
  • Vegetable beef
  • Bagged soups (warmed in hot water)

Canned Goods

  • Tuna
  • Spaghetti sauces
  • Noodles (any brand)
  • Pizza sauce

Other Foods

  • Saltine crackers
  • Processed cheese
  • Cheese slices
  • Chicken soup base
  • Pancake mix (Krusteaz) Syrup
  • Muffin mixes (cinnamon apple/chocolate chip)
  • Betty Crocker brand (just add water)

Hygiene Items

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrushes
  • Deoderant
  • Shampoo
  • Bar soap
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Lotion 

Other items

  • Laundry detergent
  • Dish detergent
  • Socks (boys and girls)
  • Underwear (boys and girls)
  • Diapers (any kind, brand, size 3,4,5,6)
  • Baby formula Band aids

Contact Charity's church office (258-1228) if you have donations for the Fellowship. Helping hands on Sunday mornings would bless both you and the children - pray about how you can make a difference at the Fellowship.